Green Remodeling

Green building is not just for new construction. 

ReCraft can help you incorporate green practices into your project, such as energy efficient windows, appliances and plumbing fixtures, designs that minimize lumber and material waste, and materials recycling.  You do not have to go through the formal certification process in order to lower your monthly bills.  We can still concentrate on the three areas of importance:

1)  Improve indoor air quality
2)  Help reduce the amount of water being used (strive for superb water efficiency)
3)  Help significantly reduce energy costs and provide low energy consumption.

The following list highlights some of the ways we can help with the above:

  • Radiant Barrier or Solar Shingle Roofs   (blocks 75%+ of the radiant energy from entering the home)
  • “Green” insulation (use non-toxic materials)
  • Create a tight seal in the house – find out where your attic, doors and windows are leaking
  • Get the attic “breathing” correctly – you must have the correct amount of air intake and outlet
  • Low VOC paints and stains (non toxic, no harsh fumes)
  • Instant on hot water (tankless water heater) or a water circulation pump (can save over 15,000 gallons per year)
  • High quality, low E, double pane, insulated windows
  • Energy Star appliances
  • New high efficiency HVAC systems
  • Low voltage fixtures and lighting
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Drought resistant landscaping
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Solar panels and shingles

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